How to Register Pifra Salary Slip Registration Step by Step Updated 2019

Pifra Salary Slip Registration

Pifra Salary Slip Registration 

The Pifra stands for a big project to make financial Reporting and Auditing in Pakistan country. This company main objective of this project is to make good and computerize the all accounting and auditing system of Pakistan country. You can get free of cost Pifra Salary Slip Registration. Just follow some simple steps and make your own Pifra Salary slip.  

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How to get Pifra Salary Slip Registration 

Here is step by step detail about Pifra Registration 

  • First all complete your all documents like your id card, photos, your country, and email. 
  • Go to their site and give all the information.
  • After information goes to sign up information and give your all info. 
  • And click sign up the option and put there your name, mobile number, and all information. 
  • After these steps check your email and give confirmation code.
  • Now go to sign in option and sign in your id
  • After login goes toPifraSalary Slip Registration and gets your salary slip there. 
  • And must be select my payroll button, and then select thePayslipstab.  
  • Click print and open the payslips in your pay slip In PDF or another browser tab. 
  • Now you can save and print thePrifraSalary Slip. 

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pifra salary slip registration

What is pifra Salary payslip? 

This is a format. Basically, the salary slip is also known as a pay slip is provided to employees to record their all weekly and monthly payments and you’re all allowance. This is this company document that makes all employees aware of their total incomes and deductions as it would some new option from employee to employee.  

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How do you check your payslip online? 

  • First of all, go to registration. If you are this company employee or retiree, check your latest paper payslip
  • Must enter your number and pin in the boxes provided. Click to register.
  • After these steps, you will be prompted to enter and confirm an email address…
  • Activating your online payslip account. 
  • And login in your account.
  • 4.0…
  • 4.2…

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