Pifra ddo Budget Latest Report of Finance In Punjab

Pifra ddo Budget

Pifra ddo Budget

The Government of Pakistan Introduces online Pifra system for Govt. Employees. Pifra stands for ‘Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing’. The Total cost of this project allocation around Rs: 5,533.5 million. To get registered online with the Email address and get their Pifra ddo budget online. Pifra specially designed for government employees like Doctors, Teacher from Govt. school, colleges, universities and also include Pakistan Navy, Air force, Army all males and female government employees to get their benefits.

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prifa doo budget

The Pifra ddo Budget ddo

The Pifra ddo Budget ddo stand for ‘Drawing and Disbursing Officers’ have been asking the computerized national identity card (CNIC) number under the General Account Office Lahore and Faisalabad Account Office. The new online accounting and auditing system lunch under the Project of Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing (Pifra).All Government employee get their Pifra ddo budget online through the official website.

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pifra ddo budget
Information about Pifra

Information needs to get online Pifra budget:

If you want to get online Pifra budget exp you follow these steps given below.

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  • You need Valid Email address only working Yahoo or Gmail account id.
  • Your Full Name
  • You have Government personal number
  • You must have a Valid National identity card number (CNIC).
  • You need a working mobile number when you open Pifra account.

After create successfully account you get easily ddo budget report in your Email accounts. we have already shared above pifra ddo budget exp website link. When you open website enters the Government employee ID number and enters ddo code then you get the complete budget report.

One is your DDO list which as described in the first paragraph of Pifra ddo monthly expenditure, the other is the government code. By government, it means where your DDO is placed. Once you enter both of them and explore it you will get the whole data about your search query.

In the event that the issue still stays uncertain, they could make a case to the business court to figure out what ought to have been incorporated into the compensation articulation. A court may grant remuneration to a worker on the off chance that it finds that inaccurate derivations have been made. To bring a case, a worker should initially utilize the Aces early appeasement administration to endeavor to determine the issue and abstain from setting off to a court.

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Benefits of Pifra ddo budget:

You get these details ddo budget online:

  • Original Budget
  • Final budget
  • Up to Date Expenses
  • Yearly Detail
  • Travel Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Special Allowance
  • Professional Tax
  • House Rent Allowance

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House Rent Allowance:

The Government of Pakistan pays the House rent allowance for all Govt. employees. which could be claimed in the year-end. you can check house rent allowance in pifra budget online website.

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Medical Allowance:

All government employees get Medical allowance benefits. The Govt. provided by medical allowance Rs; 15,000 a year or Rs 1,250 every month.

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Travel Allowance:

The Government employees get travel allowance benefit. Travel must be within Pakistan. only the travel fare expenses can be claimed. Your food and stay are not included on your trip.

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