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Pifra Bill Status 

Pifra Bill Status 

The office division of the this Director-General MIS/FABS,  working operating  under beneath   the Controller General of Accounts(CGA),  is responsible accounts  for smooth  functioning operation  of the this SAP-based Financial Accounting & Budgeting System(FABS), which that pifra bill status is can be an Integrated Financial Management Information System(IFMIS) being  run conducted at government offices at in federal national, provincial and district level. FABS was initiated pioneered and established created under Government of Pakistan and World pifra bill status  Bank-funded Project to Improve Financial Reporting & Auditing (PIFRA). PIFRA was implemented executed at federal national, provincial and district levels of the government authorities in three phases stages between 1996-2014. After closure closing of PIFRA on 31.12.2014, its FABS component part was mainstreamed into to the o/o DG MIS/FABS on 01.01.2015. 

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Print or save your payslip 

  • Select My Payroll, then Pick the Payslips tab. 
  • Click on the cover period you desire. 
  • Click Print to start the payslip for a PDF in a different browser. 
  • Printing or save the payslip. 

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pifra bill status

How can you compute monthly wages? 

First, to locate your annual cover, multiply your hourly commission from the number of hours that you work per week, then multiply the total by 52. Now you know your yearly gross income, divide it by 12 to obtain the monthly amount. 

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All workers must be given with a commission slip. This is legally known as an itemized pay statement and it has to be supplied before or on each pay date. … But if a worker can’t get a digital paycheck announcement, a hard copy ought to be made for them. Salary slip also referred to as a coverslip is offered to workers to record their yearly cover and adjustments. It’s a record which makes the workers conscious of their deductions and incomes because it might differ from employee to employee. The main objective of this project is to computerize the Entire accounting and auditing method of Pakistan.

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