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Pifra account

Pifra account

Pifra stand for a project to improve financial reporting and auditing pifra in Pakistan the main objective of this project is to computerize the whole accounting in Pakistan and auditing system off Pakistan…
Accounting general Pakistan revenues are responsible for the centralized accounting and reporting of federal transactions additionally. The responsible for the consolidation of summarized financial information prepared by federal self-accountings entities of the Pifra account.

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Pifra accountwhat is public sector accounting?

Introduction The Pifra account sector accounting method applied to nonprofits pursuing entities in the public sector including central and local government and quasi-government Special Corporation-for which the size of profit does not provides an effective measurement for evaluating the performance.

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The auditor of Pakistan is government organization and the prime and supreme audit institution in the country for ensuring public accountability and fiscal transparency and oversight in governmental operation the organization is expected to bring about improvement in the fiscal rampancy and overtake in governmental operation

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the organization is expected to bring about improvement in the financial discipline and internet control environmental the executive department for minimizing the possibility of waste and fraud.

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Pifra account


auditor general appointed by the president of Pakistan his report are presented to the public account committees of  provincial and district assemblies his mandate enables him to strengthen the legislative over wise by the providing an objective assessment of the process of governance at the federal and provincial levels
Central superior chartered account or cost management accounting or association of the chartered certificate account or any order in the regard by a head of the state.

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prifa Appointment

Importance of salary slips

Salary slip also known as a pay slip is provided to employees to record their monthly pays and allowanced it’s a document that makes the employees aware of their income and deduction as it would different from employee to employee In the article we look at a salary slips in details along among with salary slip format
• The salary slips act as evidence of the employment
• It proves that the organization has permanently recruited an employee
• This is handy in negotiating with the new employee for the better pays
• Salary slips aid to apply for the loan in banks
• It is authentic proof of Income and used to file incomes tax returns
• It serves as a proof for PF and insurance deduction
All employee must receive pay slips on a monthly basis as it is proof of his employment in an organization and is required for different compliance filings like income tax…

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