PIFRA was introduced in 1996 at the federal level in Pakistan. However, after some time, it started to implement on the provincial and district levels as well. Now it is only one great financial and budget system in Pakistan.
The basic need of PIFRA Pay Slip is for implementing the financial strategies and making budgets for the country. But there is one most important thing that PIFRA is offering that is salary slip for government employees.
Government employees are getting their payslip regularly through the program of PIFRA. Now you can get your monthly payroll from PIFRA as well.

In this guide, I will show you how you can check your payslip and get the registration.

PIFRA Salary Slip Details


Just like other salary slips, the PIFRA salary slip also represents the monthly working details to an employee.
You can get all the information and details about your job and working hours etc.

You will get your monthly payment details, dues, fees, pension fee deductions, working hours, and all these types of stuff.
It will be your record and payment proof, as well. So keep this salary slip saved in your PC or mobile so you can make a record of your payments.
Fortunately, now you can get your payslip right in your email inbox, and hence you can keep it safe for future records.

What is the Purpose of PIFRA Payslip?

PIFRA is aiming to provide the finest solutions for financial and budgeting related problems. PIFRA is resolving the issues related to finance and thus developing the more advanced ways to deal with these issues.
That’s why PIFRA developed the salary slip system with digital technology. With the help of the internet and digital devices, you can now get the payslip on your mobile.

The purpose of PIFRA is to ease all finance-related issues and provide the best and finest solution for it.
So now, if you are a government employee, you don’t need to take stress when it’s time to get the payslip online. All your work will do PIFRA.

How to Download the PIFRA Registration Payslip Form?


One thing I need to mention here that there is no form available to download for PIFRA payslip. All you have to do is visit the official website of PIFRA and then fill in the registration form online.
Once you fill the form, then you can submit it to the government. After the inspection of your registration form, you will get the salary slip on your Gmail inbox.

Payslip Form Registration

In this part, I am going to show you how you can get your payslip registration. The process is so simple and easy to follow, as well. Just start with me.

  1. Go to PIFRA and then click on “Services”
  2. Now click on Online Salary Slip/Pension Slip
  3. On EMP info page, you will see a form that you need to fill
  4. Enter the following details in the form
  5. Government code
  6. Employee’s personal number
  7. Employee’s CNIC number
  8. Date of birth of the employee
  9. Mobile number
  10. Now click on a yellow banner to submit the information
  11. Now your registration will be complete, and you can get the salary slip through your email online
  12. This is the simplest way to get your payslip online. I hope you will now understand the whole process easier.

How to Download PIFRA ANDROID App?

Besides the official online website, you can check the PIFRA android app where you can get the online payslip quickly. This process requires an Android phone to get the results.

  1. Go to Android Play Store
  2. Enter “PIFRA salary slip”
  3. Now download and install the app
  4. Login with your username and password
  5. Check the payroll now

How to check Payslip Online for Free?

If you are looking for how to check the payslip online, then you can check it on the official website of your employer. All employers have an official website where they offer the payroll to their employees.

You just need to know the exact website address and then sign in with your employee ID and password. In the case of PIFRA, you need to visit the official website where you can get the registration first if you haven’t done it already.
Once you register now, you can get the payslip online for free every month.

Who is Running the Platform of PIFRA?

The platform is under the controller general of accounts Pakistan. He is managing all financial and budgeting issues right now. The controller general of accounts Pakistan issues all the payslips, and he is distributing it.
If you are facing any problem with the payroll or monthly wage, then you can contact him.

PIFRA Budget 2020

As you know, the platform of PIFRA is related to budget, so that’s why it is managing all budgets of Pakistan that are related to finance.
The PIFRA budget system issues all the salaries and pensions. It decides whether the wages of the employee will increase this year or not. And also, if increasing the salary, then what will be the percentage of increasing salaries.

This year, the PIFRA budget of 2020 has announced an increase in salaries, but the percentage is very small.

Payslip of Education Department (Teachers)

Good news for education department employees, as the salary slip for this month, has been distributed and sent to your email inbox already. So open your Gmail inboxes and check your wage slip for this current month.
For those who are new here and want to apply for PIFRA, then my suggestion is first to follow the registration process and then get the wage slip online.

Final Words

PIFRA is the best financial service in Pakistan where you can get the monthly payslip, pension slip, and budget as well. It’s the best way to get the wage slip from the government of Pakistan.
Now if you are waiting for your slip and you did not receive it, then it’s time to get the registration first. Once you fill in the registration form, then submit it.
After the successful submission, you can get the slip online.