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Pifra stands for a new project to improve some financial reporting and Auditing in Pakistan. This main stand is to computerize the whole accounting and some auditing system of all over Pakistan. What’s this company Pifra salary payslip? All paycheck also spelled paycheck or paychecks is that a paper document issued by and an employer to pay an employee for new services. Employees may be receiving a simple pay slip to details the calculations of the final payment.  

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How do I check my own Pifra pay slip online? 

  • Must be registered, if you are an existing employee or retiree, check all your new paper payslip
  • Enter your own number and pin in the boxes provided and Click to Register.
  • You will be able to prompt to enter and must confirm an email address.
  • Activating your Online Pay slip Account.
  • After signing up Log in your account 
  • Must be viewed your payslip.
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How to calculate your gross Income per Month and The Motley Fool  

Net salary basically alludes to your all out remuneration before charges or different findings. This can be helpful to know for an assortment of reasons – for instance, while applying for a credit you’ll need to pay month to month, the endorsement is normally dependent upon your gross pay surpassing a specific sum. Here are the means by which to ascertain yours: Ascertaining gross month to month pay in the event that you get a yearly pay.

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In the event that you are paid a yearly pay, the figuring is genuinely simple. Since gross pay alludes to the aggregate sum you win before duty, thus does your yearly pay, essentially take the aggregate sum of cash (pay) you’re paid for the year, and after that isolate this sum by 12. 


It is critical that your representatives get normal Pifra payslips that precisely mirror the installments made to them.  

All workers must be furnished with a compensation slip. This is lawfully alluded to as a separated pay explanation and it must be given at the very latest each compensation date. Pay articulations might be given electronically or as the printed copy. In any case, if a representative is unfit to get to an electronic pay explanation, a printed version ought to be created for them.  

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Every representative must be issued their own ordered pay proclamation that incorporates:  

The measure of gross pay  

Variable conclusions, for example, pay a charge, National Insurance, and annuity commitments. The purpose behind the derivations ought to be set out and every reasoning ought to be legitimately portrayed.

Fixed conclusions, for example, association sponsorships or a connection of income request issued by a County Court judge for an installment of obligations.

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The measure of net pay 

In the event that diverse pieces of the net sum are payable in various ways, the sum and technique for the installment of each part-installment ought to likewise be incorporated. You can get pifra payslip nothing to pay extra.


Q. Pifra Stands For?

Answer. PIFRA. Acronym. Definition. PIFRA. Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing (Pakistan)

What is salary payslip?

Salary Slip Format. Salary slip also known as a pay slip is provided to employees to record their monthly pay and allowances. It is a document that makes the employees aware of their incomes and deductions as it would differ from employee to employee.

How do I check my payslip?

  • Registration. If you are an existing employee or retiree, check your latest paper payslip. …
  • Enter your Personnel Number and PIN in the boxes provided. Click Register.
  • You will be prompted to enter and confirm an email address. …
  • Activating your Online Payslip Account. …
  • Logging In. …

Can you get copies of payslips?

Payslips should be saved safely with your P60 as they are a recording of your wages and opinions while in duty of the company. But they can get lost, and if each demands to you it is likely to get replacement payslip records as cover. First see if your firm will print off copies.

What is a payslip password?

Payslip passwords. Do sure you let your employees understand that they will need to enter their personal key to unlock the record. The password is eight characters and made up of the resulting.

Is it illegal not to get a payslip?

All operators must be provided with a wage slip. This is legitimately pointed to as an itemized pay statement and it must be given on or before each pay date. … However, if an agent is ineffective to obtain an electronic pay record, a hard copy should be provided for them.

What is a salary slip?

Salary Slip is a doucment which shows your daily records of how you are working. How much you will be get this month.

What is the purpose of a payslip?

The idea of a payslip is to describe your gross income, any thoughts and your net income, namely the number that ends up your opening.

What is a basic salary?

Basic pay is the amount paid to an agent before any extras are attached or considered off, such as discounts because of salary deduction plans or an extension due to pay or a tip. Allowances, such as internet for home-based operators or participation to telephone method, would also be scored to the basic salary.

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Every so often, there might be a contradiction including a compensation articulation. Representatives ought to be urged to attempt to determine any issue with respect to a separated pay proclamation casually. On the off chance that this does not resolve the circumstance, they may raise a composed protest (otherwise called a complaint).

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In the event that the issue still stays uncertain, they could make a case to the business court to figure out what ought to have been incorporated into the compensation articulation. A court may grant remuneration to a worker on the off chance that it finds that inaccurate derivations have been made. To bring a case, a worker should initially utilize the Aces early appeasement administration to endeavor to determine the issue and abstain from setting off to a court. For more data, go to Early Conciliation. 

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PIFRA aims at the improvement of governance in the financial management sphere to deliver the vision of a strengthened Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) of the country. Objectives of the updated project are the same as those of PIFRA II and PIFRA-I, enlisted below: got print coupon codes

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